What is “Second Act Fitness?”

Hello and Welcome!  Second Act Fitness is a blog, a forum for discussion, a place to come to for accurate information on how to live your healthiest life possible.  Why “Second Act?”  Second Act Fitness was born as a result of my own personal journey.  The period of time from 2008 until today is my second act, my second chance at making life the best it can be and being in the best health possible to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.  Because sometimes we have to do things over and over again before the idea finally “clicks” and make sense.  My prayer is that you’re encouraged every day to do your best, knowing you can only control the process and not the progress of moving toward your goal, whatever it may be.  Feel free to join us over on Facebook at “Second Act Fitness.”  SAF is a closed, private, secret group requiring you to do a search for the name and request approval to join.  It is free of negativity and flame wars – a safe place where you can pour your heart out and get encouragement without fear.  Use this page and the Facebook group as your all-around means of support in your efforts to live a healthier life!

I believe in the four pillars of health:

  • Lifestyle: How we live
  • Exercise: How we move
  • Attitude: How we think
  • Nutrition: How we eat

These four areas pretty much encompass the whole picture of wellness.  That’s why you’ll see posts categorized into one or more of these four areas.  To be L.E.A.N. is healthy (no, skinny does NOT equal healthy!).

And let me encourage you to not be a wallflower!  We’re all in this together, iron sharpening iron.  You will only feel encouraged if you participate.  No question is dumb, and the answer to every question is “no” until you ask it.  You may also message me privately with a concern or question, and I can answer it publicly in the forum (while you remain anonymous).  If you’re thinking, chances are someone else is too!  We’re here for each other.

See you soon!

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