“Weighty” Matters of the Mind

If you remember, right after Christmas this year I wrote a post about being in love…with “Alfred,” my InstantPot.I admit to having a slight obsession with this appliance, and we have a relationship that is far above my NutriBullet and MixMaster obsession, but this…

is no kitchen appliance. It’s a life-changer.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend in the last few days of cleaning out her house before closing the sale.  She and her husband had bought a fixer-upper and will be transition living with her mother-in-law for a few months.  While walking through her house she pointed to her Total Gym, asking if I had room for it.

Are you kidding me?  My immediate response was, “I’ll make room.”

Twenty-four hours later, said Total Gym was sitting in my back room, aka my home gym.

Now, you might think this is a review of my thoughts about the Total Gym.  After all, if you know anything at all about Chuck Norris…

Go ahead and take a few minutes to check out those biceps.  I’ll wait.

So no, not a review of the Total Gym, although that might come later.

Change does not come easy to me.  For 9 years I was a Zumba® instructor, and led classes 2-3 times a week, sometimes more.  When my co-instructor started trying to convince me to switch to REFIT®, it wasn’t an easy sell for her.  Group exercise is my jam – I enjoy being part of it, the energy from it, and leading it.  My explanation for the love of it was always, if I’m not in a group, I probably wouldn’t exercise.

When I began putting more emphasis on strength training and lifting than cardio, I sought out gyms that I was comfortable in, where there were people, but not enough people that I would be interrupted with people asking advice.  I alternated between our local YMCA and an independently owned gym, but never felt quite at home.  When Planet Fitness came to my area, I was elated.  Surely THIS was the answer – the energy there alone would be motivating.  And I do love it, but found myself avoiding the busier times, not because of waiting on machines, but because there were LESS people there.  This is a direct contradiction from how I feel during cardio classes – the more people the better!  I am a slow learner, and it took me quite a while to figure out a very simple truth in my life:

Strength training is a solo act for me.

I went through the Les Mills Body Pump series from Beach Body four times and loved it each time.  In April, I read the book, “The New Rules of Lifting for Women,” and started working on their routines four weeks ago (and I’m still doing them). But it took being loaned a Total Gym for me to FINALLY realize that when it comes to lifting, I’m better off in my own head, doing my own thing, in my own space, alone, AT HOME.

WHY does it take so long sometimes to learn something this important about myself?!?

As for Planet Fitness, I’ll pay the fee to enjoy the hydromassage any time I want, because that’s a little slice of heaven on earth (next to the beach).  That’s also me time, and worth more than the 4 Starbucks drinks I’d spend the money on otherwise.

What have you figured out about yourself after a lengthy period of time (like, all your life)?


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