Trust, but Verify: Good for Life, Good for Health

With the hubs out of town and left to my own devices, I take the lazy way out.  He likes to cook from scratch, I like whatever I can pick up at the store that’s packaged, but healthy.  Bags of salad, pre-cut watermelon, pre-sliced apples, grapes – the healthiest of “fast food.”  That laziness is what prompted me to pick up a sweet potato pre-wrapped in plastic wrap, ready for the microwave.  Don’t judge!  It takes a long time to wrap those things you know!  Today however, being a little low in the carb and motivation department, and short on time, while at the store picking up some other things, I grabbed the beloved sweet potato.

Now, to give you some background, I love the app, “My Fitness Pal,” (MFP), and I rely on it when I’m in a phase of counting calories and/or macros like I am presently.  Just before I popped that puppy in the oven to cook, I remembered to scan the bar code with MFP on my phone:




Can you read that? I know, it’s a little blurry, but check up at the top there:  3.5 ounces/90 calories.  I was feeling pretty good!  Carbs were 20.7 and check out that potassium and vitamin A, would ya?

Cue the “dum dum da” music in your head about now, because as I hefted that bad boy to put it in the microwave over the stove, reality struck:  “Wait a second…this feels kinda heavy for 3.5 ounces.  I better weigh it and see.” Hmmm, you know where this is headed don’t you?

About 3x bigger than MFP said it was
About 3x bigger than MFP said it was

How sad is that?  And the worst part is that back when I was in the midst of my 75-pound weight loss journey, I’d had the identical sort of traumatic experience with the same exact food, when I figured out that my precious 3-point potato was really <gulp> ELEVEN POINTS! (and this was on the old, old plan where you only got 18-23 points – FOR THE DAY).

So, lesson learned once again.  I could have kicked myself from now until the weekend or I could do what I did – turn it into a blog post and share the experience and make it positive: When you think you’ve got this whole weight-loss thing figured out to the point that you don’t even have to look things up anymore, or you can eyeball your portions, it’s a good thing to check yourself.  It’s the little things, like three-times-bigger sweet potatoes, that can keep you from seeing results.

Did you ever get burned by a favorite food?  Or any food?  Share the love and let’s commiserate together!

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