Setting up a 7-day Challenge


See that image up there?  Isn’t it pretty?  You know the only thing wrong with it?  During the process of setting up this so pretty, crisp challenge, I actually looked (and felt) more like this:


Oh. My. Word. Y’all.  And this was the *simple* stuff, right?  Most people that know me describe me as “techy,” “gadget-head,” “early adopter,” etc.  Yet with all my knowledge – which isn’t really all that – this had me stumped at times.

Thank goodness for a “Business Bestie,” who was also setting up her own challenge a couple of weeks before me.  I texted and called her several times asking for help and we used each other as guinea pigs for our landing pages, opt-ins, lists, campaigns, etc.  Yes, there are many moving parts to something like this.  Way more than I realized.

Now, I have a business coach who helps me and the business coach has a group where we can all post our problems.  Several of the suggestions are to just not waste time on this kind of stuff so you have more time to work on other business issues.  But I wanted to figure this all out on my own because, durn it, I just wasn’t going to let it beat me!

<rant over>


So, it’s all done and ready to go.  I’ve emailed everyone I know and posted on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media just opened because the earth turned 12-degrees on its axis.  And surprisingly, you all are signing up!  It’s fun watching the automated email come in every day telling me how many have signed up and what the new total is.

This short challenge, which isn’t really a challenge at all because it’s not like there’s homework, will maybe help someone realize they can do *something* positive for their health.  That it doesn’t have to complicated and they can start where they are.

Or they won’t.  They’ll get in the middle of it and think it’s too basic, it’s too healthy, there has to be more to getting healthy than this, because I’m not trying to sell them a shake, pill, snake oil or equipment.  And they’ll leave. And I’m okay with that.

The people that are meant to be my “tribe” will stick around to see what else is coming down the pike, because if these tips are so easy, maybe they can do this after all, by starting at the beginning and building momentum.  Like a snowball. Or a rollercoaster.

Those people – “they’re” my tribe.  And the pictures up top, if you’re curious, are links to sign up for this short little challenge that I’ve sweated blood over the last 10 days.

Hang around if you want, there’s more coming in the future!




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