Master Certified Health Coach classes

A few months ago I began taking a class online to complement my health coach certification. I will eventually earn the credential Master Certified Health Coach.  And believe me, the word “earn” is not an understatement.

The first few weeks were mostly review for me and learning new ways to teach nutrition basics to clients that want to improve their eating styles and those of their family.   Now, however, we’ve transitioned into behavior change psychology and learning new ways to elicit change in our clients to help them in their endeavors – whatever they may be – to majorly overhaul their entire life and habits.  Quizzes must be passed with a perfect score, exams must have 85% to continue, videos, homework, essays  – aye yi yi – BUT, I can survive anything for 27 weeks!  (right?)

I *am* enjoying the experience however.  Everything I learn is going to help me come alongside a client and partner with them to work toward a more optimistic future – which I find incredibly satisfying.  And I’m happy to say I’m maintaining an ‘A’ average so far! It’s so funny how that competitive edge is still alive even when you’re an adult in school.  And learning as an adult is very different, in a way better and in a way harder, than being in your 20s.  I feel challenged and sometimes, a bit scared!

It’s not unlike a person starting out trying to change their lifestyle to ….fill in the blank….control blood sugar, lose weight, lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop gambling……whatever the change, it can be a daunting task.  Each time I get overwhelmed, I think of my clients and how they must feel when attempting a change.  I keep telling myself to eat this elephant one bite at a time, much like I tell my clients to make teeny tiny changes.  Progress is progress, no matter how small.  And all this angst and stress?  Well, my clients are totally worth it!

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